Annual water well maintenance check is a great way to keep the water flowing in your Wonder Lake home

Well maintenance Wonder LakeYou carry a basket of laundry down the stairs in your Wonder Lake home, put some detergent in the machine and add the clothes. Then you turn the knobs to the desired selections before closing the door and pushing the button. But, as you turn to walk away, nothing happens. You push again. Still nothing … (read more).

Oil is the lifeblood of your Woodstock car’s engine: Change it on schedule

Woodstock oil changeYou turn south on Route 47 and soon you’re headed out of Woodstock. Once through Huntley, you’ll pick up the expressway and soon you’ll be miles from Woodstock in downtown Chicago. If you make the trip there or back to Woodstock during rush hour, you may find yourself in moving slowly in bumper-to-bumper traffic … (read more).

This Johnsburg winter makes checking your car’s suspension imperative

In an automotive research lab somewhere far from Johnsburg, they have a machine that bounces the suspension of a test car. Each corner of the machine acts independently to simulate the bumps and potholes you might experience driving down the road in Johnsburg. In fact, considering the winter just past, these are bumps and potholes you’re sure to feel … (read more).

Johnsburg potholes are playing havoc with suspensions

Outdoor lighting adds hours to your Crystal Lake brick paver patio

One summer night this year, you’ll look out the back window and see a glow from beyond the trees where your Crystal Lake neighbor is entertaining on his brick paver patio. You’ll hear the laughter and recognize the comfort and relaxation the lighting brings to brick pavers patio in someone else’s yard. And then there’s your brick pavers patio, hiding in the shadows when the day is done.

landscape lighting crystal lake

Landscape lighting extends the usable hours of your Crystal Lake brick pavers patio.

Time for that annual well check and chlorination, unless you’d rather wait until the water doesn’t flow

Remember when there was a pump at the kitchen sink. If you wanted water, and didn’t want to lower a bucket down the well outside, you simply pumped the pump at the sink and, with a little effort, the water flowed. Well, you probably don’t remember that. Few of us do. It was a generation or more before us … (read more).


Offer good until May 1, 2014.


Winter turns McHenry County roads into lunar landscape: shocks suspension and steering of area cars

ImageThe roads in McHenry County are best described as stretches of lunar landscape. Whether from Richmond to Ringwood, Woodstock to Wonder Lake or McHenry to Johnsburg: winters are rough on roads here in the Midwest but this winter more than most.  The bitter cold forces the concrete and asphalt to contract. Then, the ice and snow moves in to pry the broken surface further apart … (read more).