Tread wear is not the only hazardous tire condition

Rubber meets the road_72One sure way to tell if you need new tires is to look at the tread wear. After driving 50,000 miles, or so, there’s no surprise if you need new tires. Of course, that also depends on how you drive. A heavy foot, either accelerating or braking can lead to faster tire wear, not to mention higher fuel usage and brake wear. But, there are other reasons you’ll want to pay attention to your tires … (read more).

Are you prepared for snow removal?

SnowCatWhat if you couldn’t get your car out of the driveway or if your customers and employees couldn’t get their vehicles in the parking lot at your store or office? What if the short walk from the car to the front door was hazardous? This isn’t a hypothetical scenario or a plot for movie. It’s real. It happens every year. And, around here, in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, we call it winter … (read more).

Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin pumpkin patches offer family adventures

Stades farmWhat’s Halloween without pumpkins? You can carve a scary face, a funny face or any face at all – but a pumpkin still means Halloween. However you carve it, once you put a candle inside and share your creativity, that orange glow will shine like a beacon as your contribution to the night’s festivities.

There are pumpkins at the grocery store. Sometimes, you may even see a road-side stand selling pumpkins. But, if that’s all you do when you choose your pumpkins, you’ve passed a wonderful adventure that thrives in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin … (read more).

You don’t need a specialty shop – Performance Unlimited works on all vehicles, foreign and domestic

LexusFor some folks, it’s easy finding an auto repair shop, right? Not for you though. You drive that Volkswagen. Or, maybe, you drive a Subaru or a Daewoo. Whatever your car, it’s not one of those ‘run-of-the-mill’ vehicles that everyone else drives. And that poses a problem when you bring the car to an auto repair shop … (read more).

Landscape design can give your Lake Geneva home strong curb appeal

Curb Appeal_Lake GenevaThere are many beautiful homes in Lake Geneva – beautiful homes with beautifully manicured yards, landscapes that roll luxuriously from the road, around the house and back to the rear property line. There are estates in Lake Geneva deserving of placement on the front cover of magazines … (read more).

Time to check your tires while the rebates are hot and before winter arrives

1_headlights_smallTires are designed to provide your vehicle with traction so that when you apply the gas, or hit the brakes, the tires grab the road. That’s why they make tires out of rubber. That’s also why design engineers have spent decades developing tread patterns that will channel the water, dig through mud and snow and maintain a degree of grip even on ice … (read more).