Is it time to change your timing belt: it could be costly to wait too long

Building_Small (2)A customer, at Ringwood-based Performance Unlimited, had their car towed in the other day because the engine wouldn’t run. The damage to internal parts of the engine were extensive and, unfortunately for the customer, avoidable. The car’s timing belt broke causing a chain reaction of internal-engine damage … (read more).

Landscape design is the key to your new Elkhorn patio

Elkhorn landscape designSo you’ve decided to do something about that little-used patch of grass out back of your Elkhorn home; you’ve decided it’s time to build your dream patio – a place where you, the family and friends can gather to relax and entertain. Before you jump into the project, make sure you’ve got a good foundation though … (read more).

Ten days left on automotive charging and starting components

Charging System DiscountsThere are 10 days left – 10 days to bring your car into a NAPA AutoCare Center, such as Performance Unlimited in Ringwood, for a rebate on electrical components – NAPA battery,, alternator or starter. The offer is extremely timely in a general sense as, with autumn and winter pending, you’ll probably want to have your charging system checked anyhow … (read more).

Brick pavers patio is the optimal choice in Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva brick paversIt’s hard to imagine a better place to have a home than Lake Geneva in the summer. A cool breeze coming off the lake, fishing, boating, swimming and absolutely no need to chase the sun; it comes to you. But, are you really taking full advantage of your Lake Geneva home … (read more)?

Auto maintenance is a matter of timing for McHenry drivers

Mike_antifreeze_smallHow do avoid these excessive and costly automotive repair bills or breaking down unexpectedly on the side of the road somewhere while traveling miles from McHenry? The answer to both questions is simple – automotive maintenance … (read more).

Don’t wait for the wood to rot on your Elkhorn patio – install brick pavers now

Elkhorn brick pavers patioYou and the family have enjoyed that old wood patio in back of your Elkhorn home for a few years now. It looked great when you first had it installed. Today, however, it’s looking a bit shabby. In fact, it’s past the point where slopping on some stain will help. You could have avoided that predictable end where wood begins to rot; you could have installed a brick pavers patio … (read more).

Turn those frowns upside down by maintaining your McHenry Water Well and Pump

The kids are so excited. They’re getting their suits on while you setup the Slip’N Slide out in front of your McHenry home. Their eyes are sparkling with excitement as you go to turn on the water. You turn the faucet but nothing happens. You turn it back the other way and still nothing … (read more).

Well Maintenance_McHenry